Sonal Metacop core strength lies in its innovation and technological prowess that gives an unprecedented edge to our recycling operations. Our recycling technology aims to take today’s waste and turn it into conflict-free, sustainable resources for tomorrow. End of life electronics are recycled at Sonal Metacop state-of-the-art recycling plant, using disruptive technology, to extract reusable materials. Developed in house, at Sonal Metacop R&D facility, our recycling technology ensures that e-Waste is processed in an environmentally friendly manner, with high efficiency and lowered carbon footprint, at a fraction of the costs involved with setting multibillion dollar smelting facilities.

With the right technology, recycling can offer a potent resource for our planet, transforming millions of tons of e-Waste into reusable material. Sonal Metacop high-tech recycling facility extractsvaluable resources like precious metals and semi-precious metals along with rare earth elements and other reusable materials and minerals, from electronic waste, efficiently in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Taking into consideration our depleting natural resources, this urban mining approach offers quite a few benefits - it provides a substantial secondary resource, which is highly suitable for direct use, while also ensuring that the environment is kept free from harmful toxins in e-Waste. This results in increased energy efficiency and lowers demand for mining of new materials.

Powered with this sustainable recycling technology, Attero offers an easy and hassle free solution for organizations to manage their electronic assets and e-Waste more efficiently and effectively, while also safeguarding them from legal and environmental risks associated with e-waste disposal.

I.T. goods include various electronics ranging from desktops, laptops and servers to printers, scanners and copiers. Once these electronics items are received at Attero’s processing plant they are checked to determine whether they should be recycled or refurbished. After segregating the units suitable for refurbishing they are forwarded to Attero’s refurbishing section, while the remaining units are sent for recycling.The electronics sent for recycling are first segregated and then dismantled. During dismantling, the wire and cable components in the devices are taken out and sent for recycling. Next, the components like LCD, PCB, RAM, SMPS and plastic parts are segregated and recycled separately. The remaining components are sent for processing to the mechanical shredder, following which they are sent to the magnetic separator. The magnetic separator separates the ferrous components from which iron is extracted. The remainder is then passed through the Eddy Current separator, which separates non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium. These metals are then smelted and purified. The plastic components are forwarded for plastic recycling at Attero’s plant.

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